“The program helped me learn new techniques to become more effective in my business.  It also helped me develop strategies to move forward.  As a result, I gained greater peace of mind from having a plan to accomplish my goals.  I also liked having a “safe” environment to discuss challenges, fears, concerns – which is hard to find as a small business owner. I also enjoyed talking to and listening to Erin and other participants.”

-Drew Davis, President, Davis In-Home Care, Inc.

“Erin has given me a huge boost as I’ve launched Upperline Financial Planning.  Her support, questions, and accountability all played a huge role in the progress I’ve made in the first three months of launch.  I’d highly recommend her.”

-H. Jude Boudreaux, CFP®
Founder, Upperline Financial Planning

“As a professional commercial photographer the business part always came secondary to creating images. I came to Erin with a goal to expand my company. She helped me to prioritize the process, bullet point my goals, and guided me through the steps. Her marketing knowledge was a plus in bringing up new ideas and tasks that helped me to reach my goals quicker. Erin was more then a coach, she was a mentor and a friend. I am grateful for her guidance and helping me bring my vision to a profitable outcome for my company.”

-Nicole Leone, Owner, Nicole Leone Photography

“Working with Erin Collins as a business coach was extremely beneficial in helping me set my short term and long term business goals. I knew what I wanted to do but Erin was instrumental in helping me actually get it down on paper.”

-Molly Hobin, The Hobin Company

“I can honestly say that I would not be in business today without Erin’s guidance. Her encouragement coupled with her expertise gave me the support I needed to see my dream transform into a full-fledged reality. And… we had fun all along the way!  I highly recommend Erin’s coaching to anyone who finds themselves at a crossroad in their life.”

-Tina Morasco, Actress and Co-owner of PLAY! – LA

“Working with Erin has been great.  She has an organized way of keeping things moving in the right direction, and her enthusiasm is contagious!”

-David S., Entreprenuer & Sales Professional

“Running a business is never just about the ‘outer challenges.’ Many times, it’s about the negative programming we carry around in our heads. I was feeling frustrated and stuck about having to work a ‘day job’ while I built a business I loved.

After speaking with Erin, I went from feeling drained and negative to positive and inspired. She showed me how a ‘shift in thinking’ can move a person forward, how I was ‘lucky’ to have the day job and had the luxury to grow my business properly. Just this shift in thinking made a HUGE difference in my energy.

Thank you, Erin.”

-Lisa R., Small Business Owner

“Working with Erin Collins has been a very educational experience.  Being self-aware is a necessary leadership skill that takes time and experience to develop.  Having a trustworthy coach, like Erin, really speeds up the learning curve.

Her thoughtful responses to my concerns and actions have been very beneficial in realizing how I can improve my reactions and approach to different opportunities that present themselves.”

-Karen C., M.B.A., International Marketing Professional

“I had recently lost my career of 11 years.  I had a lot of ideas swirling around about the next step but no real plan.  Erin helped me immensely to prioritize my ideas and to set goals that quickly got me back on track.

Thanks Erin!”

-Bryan Raydon, M.B.A., Founder & Managing Member, Marmot Companies

“I was unsure what to expect working with a life coach, but it turned out to be such a great experience that I recommend it to all people. Whether you think you are already on the right track or feel like you need a push, Erin helps you to recognize your goals, plan for the unknown and holds you accountable. It was great to bounce ideas off of Erin and brainstorm new ways to achieve the goals I had set for myself – while having fun doing it!”

-Meg M., Owner, Rejoov Wellness & Nutrition

“In just my first session with Erin I was truly inspired.  In one week I was able to make incredible strides on my exercise video, thanks Erin!”

-Rich R., Certified Fitness Trainer & Coach

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